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Posted by tiina.wilder on December 14, 2014 at 3:55 PM

It is a common saying that we do not want the visitation of God, but habitation. But in order to have the latter, we must assess our heart and answer a few questions. 

Question 1: Are we willing to let go of our plans, and agendas and the whole present routine?

If the answer is Yes, then we should check the bottom of our heart, and see whether we are really willing to let go and let God....

What does it mean: Let go and let God? 

It means that no longer shall we plan and issue the schedules. Yes, there are the plans and schedules and time and location where to come, for otherwise no one would be able to co-ordinate anything or know where to go.....but we should be willing to let Holy Spirit have the upper hand. 

I have noticed that although people are eager to confirm that Yes, they want the revival, after a week or few, they get tired and think about their usual obligations and things they loved to do.....Now, it does not mean that we would all leave our jobs and have a revival. Although for some it may well mean also that. But....revival takes money. 

Question 2: Are we willing to give to the revival, and support it with our finances? The tycoons of the world, yes God can use anyone, but mostly He uses His people, the believers. Again, we should check our hearts and answer this question as sincerely as we can. For without the needed sums, we may not have a place where to come to, for there are always costs involved, and this is up to us to cover them. 

Question 3: If we have now decided that we do not want just a visitation of God, which would last for a shorter or maybe longer period, from a few days to a few weeks, but are ready to welcome the revival in our midst, and are in earnest about this, we should be willing to invest into it also in other ways, like stoking the fire and keeping it burning via prayer. Prayer is a necessary component of every revival. For prayer, if done not in a religious manner but in co-operation with Heavens, and knowingly, releases the supernatural, and also upholds the atmosphere of revival. 

I have understood one thing - God wants to give us more than we - His Church - want to receive. 

Are you willing to receive?

Are you willing to be used as His hands and feet?

For revival is, after all, nothing else, than re-viving. Who is the one who needs re-viving? It is the dead and the languishing and the backslidden church where the hearts have grown dull and the minds dry. But if there is a desire, performance does not matter so much, whether it is perfect or not. God looks and moves at our heart's desire and answers the hunger and thirst within. Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Are you dry and needy for His Presence? Now, naturally, you do not have to be dry. Revival is actually a default state of a believer, who walks in the spirit realm, for there is constant revival in spirit. But we, vessels of the earthen matter, tend to go through motions. And life, it happens. We fall short, and do not present the most immaculate performance at all times. We have feelings, and our life situations, and it may mean even that we are dry. But, if we understand our condition, and if it makes us yearn for His Presence, He shall come, and release the flow of His Spirit in our midst, watering the dry and parched land, and turning it to a living and fruitful oasis of life. 

And what happens if we are revived? Then we are no longer dead and dumb and dull in the backslidden condition of our spirit, but life bursts out of us, making us burn with a passion for Christ. Then we cannot keep Him for ourselves only any longer. Then the desire to share what we have overtakes us and turns us into evangelists - the hands and feet of Jesus, through whom He can live out His purpose here on earth, and who are willing to go do the works of Jesus, by releasing life, and healing and hope, and faith and strength around us. Revival begins of ourselves. Check your heart and ask yourself are you ready and are you willing? 

Many have been asking God sincerely for His move, but when He comes, they fail to recognise Him. They may take it just as another good meeting, or a series of it, or a mighty conference, but that's it. The most common idea of a revival is that we have a weekend of meetings and then we go into our lives to do what we have been always doing. Sometimes we hold on and have what we call, extended meetings. 

But even then - do we have eyes to see, and the ears to hear, what the Spirit says? Or will we allow our natural senses and thinking dictate us what to do. Can we recognise the Hand of God the way prophet Elijah recognised it and saw it coming before the rain had come down, and when it was still dry, and the former situation which had lasted for three and half years had not changed in any noticeable way. But he knew his God. He had promised. And Elijah asked. And God answered. He sent his servant boy seven times back to see and report him back what he could see. And at the sight of a tiny formation of a cloud which was no bigger than the knuckle of a man, Elijah knew - the answer was at hand. And yet no drop of rain had fallen down. But he sent his boy to warn the king to speed up his chariots, and run then in their wake, and overtook them. Now that must have been a run worthy of the Olympic gold. But it was his sight which we need in order to co-operate with Heavens and understand the heart of God. Again, it does not fall into our lap by itself, but comes from the time spent in His Presence, where we have learned to know Him, and recognise His voice. 

God bless you!

May revival fire burn in your spirit and make you the carrier of His glory, who ignites the ones around with his passion and love for Christ! 

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